I’m Anna, professional photographer. Graduated from the IED in Milan in 2011, I worked as an assistant for several photographers in Milan (Italy) and Sydney (Australia).

When I work, I don’t like to leave anything to chance, which is why I take care of following all the phases of the shooting: the research of the perfects props, an accurate studio of the setting lights, the set design, the food styling and the postproduction.
I am currently working with e-commerce, bars and restaurants, creating images for online and offline adv campaigns, brochures, newsletters and any other promotional materials. Also, I am available for consultancies.

Having combined photography and cooking, my two great passions, was for me the crowning of a dream and I always hope to be able to convey my enthusiasm to every client I meet. 

As I always tell everyone, I do the best job in the world. I cook, I photograph and, when it happens, I eat delicious dishes.

Is there anything better?! ☺️

If your products are good...

show them

Your next customers will buy what they see. Whether you want to show your products on a menu, ecommerce or any promotional material you need to present your products in the best way possible. I am here to help you