What I do

Over the years I’ve worked with restaurants, ecommerce, blog, online magazine, printed magazine and much more. This allowed me to make some experiments and turn my passio for food into work. I have developed different type of services that might satisfy your need.


If you work in the food world, you know better than me that image is everything. This is why it is worth relying on an expert photographer who can help you create images for your every need. I will take care of your products, creating some mouth watering images that will help increasing your sales!

Art Direction

In food photography, every detail is important. Choosing the right item to show in the photo is crucial, as they are too the composition, the right light, the choice of the most suitable props, the right color combination. An expert eye can certainly help you create the image that best suits your needs! 

Food Reportage

Are you organizing a show cooking and you don’t want to lose any moment? Do you work in a farm and you want to show all the process of your products before are ready to eat? Through a shooting session, I can help you show not only a served up product, but how it was born and everything that revolves around it.


You know when you look at the image of a dish and unconsciously perceive all its aroma and flavors? To achieve that effect, there are specific techniques that you need to know with a certain ease. They cannot be improvised. I can help you reach them with some good tips: light, composition and food styling won’t be a problem anymore for you!

Some of my clients

Interested in work with me? I would be happy to help you!